Saturday, November 15, 2008

watercolor designs

keychain verses

recently, my YMCA card fell off my keychain and i quickly realized its' duty was not only to access me into the Y, but to help me find my keys!  at the same time, the Lord was working on my heart about my purpose in creating art. a middle of the night brainstorm led to keychain verses. there are 12 seasonal watercolor designs with a different verse on each card. learn scripture while you sit in carpool, wait at the doctor, or just need to be refreshed at the end of a hectic day! my favorite thing about these is the great paper i have backed them with. there are endless supplies of hip, cool papers available now! the cards are laminated, come on a ring with a description "key" and a bow..

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Mama Jenn said...

Susan!! How are you doing? Remember me from high school...volleyball? I LOVE the keychain idea! What a great way to memorize scripture! Right now I have a bunch of index cards posted on my cabinets. That is AWESOME that you are using your gifts & talents to bring glory to God!!!